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Complete COVID Safety Kit


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10 Blue PLY Masks:

They’re made from three layers of fabric that allow you to breathe normally while still letting heat and moisture escape.

Features elasticated ear straps to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Please Note:

These products are not personal protective equipment

These products are not medical devices

These products are not suitable for use in NHS or Care Home settings

Face coverings should not be used by children under the age of 3 or those who may find it difficult to manage them correctly.


10 Disposable vinyl gloves:

Made from PVC vinyl, Size Medium Gloves

Multipurpose Use — Since the gloves are thin yet strong, it can be used for any kind of job. it can be used for both general domestic and commercial use; cleaning, gardening, pet care, food prep, and any other home or office tasks disposable.

1 60ml Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel

The hand sanitiser is designed to protect your hands from bacteria without leaving them feeling dry or sticky. Its 60ml so its the perfect size for keeping in a bag or sticking in a pocket!

Contents: 60ml

Ingredients: 75% Alcohol, Ethanol