Evergreen 20m² Fast Growing Grass Lawn Seed


SKU: STX346923


The Evergreen Fast Grass Lawn Seed is perfect for creating a new lawn and is also suitable for over-seeding or bare patches. It has the Headstart Gold special seed coating which holds nutrients that stimulate the seeds to develop and grow; this ensures faster germination, stronger roots and healthier grass. This amount of seed will create a new lawn of 20m² (5m x 4m), to determine the size of your lawn multiply the length by the width in meters to give you the size of the area you wish to sow. For best results, it is recommended to apply the seed to your lawn during March to early October, in these ideal conditions when the soil is moist the grass will start to germinate from 4 days. Prepare the lawn by mowing it short and rake to remove of dead grass and debris, shake the seeds over the area you have prepared and water with a fine spray and keep the soil moist for the next few weeks.

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